About Us


KinoTech is a film-making equipment rental newborn company based in Armenia. We have collected our equipment arsenal, considering the current needs of demands of the field. The whole arsenal is brand new and purchased directly from the manufacturing companies (Arri, Kinodlo, Dedolight, Manddrotto, Sachtler, DJI, Apple, Blackmagic).

We have already been working in the film-making industry for a long time and possess all the nuances and peculiarities of the field perfectly. Due to our own experience, we are aware that quality equipment is not a guarantee of results. It is very important who is working with that equipment.

KinoTech is cooperating with the best professionals of the field.

Collaborating with all the rental companies of the industry, we see partners in all of them.

We do not limit ourselves with our achievements and always think about the future opportunities, always ready for new challenges.

KinoTech is aiming to make all the clients our partners.