Our Services


KinoTech’s equipment is brand new and purchased directly from the manufacturing companies such as Arri, Kinodlo, Dedolight, Manddrotto, Sachtler, DJI, Apple, Blackmagic etc.

You have the flexibility to select equipment as a set, depending on your project.

KinoTech constantly replenishes its equipment arsenal. When purchasing any new equipment, we take into consideration the needs of upcoming projects and the market.


KinoTech is cooperating with the best professionals in the industry. Our multilingual team always considers the importance of your project, taking care of everything from A to Z with full transparency. From budgeting all the way to your project going live.

Next time you consider filming in Armenia, film with KinoTech!



KinoTech’s services are always unmatched. We provide top-tier service For your production. 


With our vast database of locations in the region, it be Nature, Apartments, Deserts, Lakes or Rivers, Wineries etc. Our team of professionals prepare scouting schedules and presentations for you to choose from and handle all sorts of permits.


Armenia is known for its cuisine and we all want to eat Good food. We make sure you have a variety of food to choose from. 


We handle casting calls in-house for your project. Every project is unique. We make sure you have the faces and talent needed for your film to be successful.